52.) Broken Social Scene - You Fogot It In People (2002)

If you like music, chances are there's something you'll like on Broken Social Scene's second record, You Forgot It In People. The band swelled from a two piece to a ten piece for record number two with a whole bunch of other guests thrown in the mix as well. So, it shouldn't be a big surprise to hear that You Forgot It In People is a bit all over the place - but, like in a really good way. Usually when you hear that a record sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out and jamming together, it means it's uneven and sloppy and though it may have its moments, it's ultimately a self-indulgent disappointment. You Forgot It In People certainly sounds like a fun Sunday with a group of friends jamming, for sure, but a disappointment it is not.

This record is ramshackle and at times it may even seem a bit messy (there's a moment in standout "Looks Just Like the Sun" when you can hear Kevin Drew -or is it Brendan Canning? I never know -telling his band mates when to sing) but upon further listens it will reveal itself as one of the truly great indie pop releases ever. It's a record that has spawned many imitators (even among the band members themselves) but one that's quality one would be hard pressed to match.

What further separates You Forgot It In People from the pack is just how effortless it actually sounds. It's complex, but never sounds forced which is a difficult thing to do. In the end, this is pop music and songs like "Cause = Time" and "Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl" are two of the best examples of a band nailing it on all cylinders. You Forgot It In People is communal, but not in a cheesy Polyphonic Spree way, but in a super cool rock star way that's difficult to pull off and they introduced the world at large to the magnificent Leslie Feist, so points for them.

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