33.) The Avalanches - Since I Left You (2000)

Let me tell you a little bit about the person I was when The Avalanches released Since I Left You in 2000 - I was the kind of person who would have never, ever sought out The Avalanches Since I Left You. Never. I was an indie kid and I didn't really know the first thing about what could only be described by me at the time as dance music.

I was assigned to review Since I Left You by my college paper and I decided to approach it with an open mind. I didn't not like this type of music, I just didn't know it. Needless to say it didn't take much to get me on board. In fact, anyone who hears Since I Left You, for the most part, loves it. It's impossible not to love.

It plays like the greatest mix-tape ever made. The record is stacked with something like 900 samples, which is nuts. Even Girl Talk, who've made two records I like a lot, still can't hold a candle to Since I Left You. Whereas Girl Talk relies on songs you know, the Avalanches fill their record with samples of songs you've never heard. And it's not just songs. There's pieces from old comedy shows, spoken word stuff...horses. Sonically, it's an amazing feat and one that hasn't been matched. It's wonderfully constructed and there are no boring moments to be had. It's a great record to put on at a party and just let it go.

The Avalanches haven't put out a record since Since I Left You was released almost ten years ago. Rumors have been swirling that something's coming up soon but, as expected, there has been difficulty getting the rights to many of the samples. Hopefully by 2010 we'll have another Avalanches to love for the entirety of the next decade.

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