The 100 Best Records of the Deacade The Intro

So, this is it. It's a new blog and it's devoted solely to one topic - 100 records. More specifically 100 records released this past decade. Even more specifically the 100 best records released this past decade. I'm calling it The 100 Best Records of the Decade. Catchy, isn't it? It should probably be called the 100 records released in this past decade that I, Pat Driscoll, like the most - but that's significantly less sexy. Anyway, these are my favorite records of the first decade of these aughts. There's 148 days left in the decade which means I should be able to finish this thing by then. I'm going to try and post one a day, but that almost certainly won't happen, so let's just see how it pans out.

I started this project a while ago and I'll have you know the list is compiled and, as of this writing, will cease to change. How can you be sure? You can't. It really doesn't matter anyway, but I promise...if that does anything for you. I know, I know some records haven't been released. Sorry to them. If something really jumps out and needs inclusion I'll expand the list.

Anyway, I went through all the records released in these 2000's and whittled them down to around 250 (I'll probably reveal the whole list after the whole thing's done) and then whittled them down some more and some more until I landed on 100. I really tried to squeeze some sentimental favorites on the list (Bleed American, Return to Saturn, any Sonic Youth or REM record released in the last ten years) but alas, I had to be diligent here.

Again, these are my preferences, so people who love Dan Deacon, Simian Mobile Disco, Justice and the like will probably have a lot to gripe about as they're not here (I know their records are great, but not my favorites) and hip-hop unfortunately is probably under represented. I love hip hop, but the 2000s have not been kind to fully realized hip hop records. Having said all that, I love these records. All 100 of them for different reasons, but purely. I love a lot of other records released this decade as well, but these are them...the 100.

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  1. patrick i support your efforts, and appreciate your paying it forward and... HELLo Adelsberger!! how are youu? did you notice an australian girl thought i should run for prez in 2028, and created a fb group for it? haha 60 members n counting.. including matt, andy, and katie.