90.) Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs (2009)

While I was never one to hate on Death Cab For Cutie (I think a good majority of their records have good to great moments), if you were to tell me that come 2008 they would make a stone cold classic, an absolute masterpiece, I would have laughed. But fuck if it didn't happen.

When Narrow Stairs came out my friend, Mike Torpey, and I used to joke that Ben Gibbard must have called a meeting with his fellow Death Cabbers and it must have gone like this.

Ben: Hey guys, thanks for coming. Listen, I had an idea. It's pretty radical so bare with me for a second. Why don't we make a new record and make every song on it awesome.

Other Guy: What?

Ben: You heard me.

Other Guy: Every song?

Ben: Every song.

Other Guy: Awesome.

Ben: Awesome.

And it would go on like this for a while. It was funny because we didn't expect it. Every song on Narrow Stairs is awesome and it fits together so nicely as a whole which was something in short supply last year (although I should say 2009 has really brought the ruckus as the kids are wont to say).

And then there's "I Will Posses Your Heart." Wow. What a killer. The creepiest and without a doubt best moment in the Death Cab canon so far and, I'd imagine, to come. I'm not usually one to go for eight and half minute songs, but I was sold the first time I heard it. It's a perfect centerpiece (even though it falls second in the tracklist) to, basically, a perfect record and one no Death Cab bias should preclude you from hearing.

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