99.) Ryan Adams - Rock 'N Roll (2003)

Alright, so it only took two entries for everyone to decide I'm full of shit. I know the rap Rock 'N Roll gets, but I don't care. I love this record.

I'm a Ryan Adams fan. For better or worse, I like the guy and his music. Ryan is a perfect example of my whole "once I decide I like something, I'm just going to continue to like it regardless" (I still argue in defense of those last two seasons of Gilmore Girls, so...) and I like Ryan Adams. In fact I was a fan since Whiskeytown and my fandom has never subsided.

But (and this is a spoiler alert) only one other Ryan Adams record will be finding it's way onto this list, meaning that I think that Rock 'N Roll is Ryan Adams' second best record (yep, better than Cold Roses). And that's true. I do. I love all the songs. I love that Rock 'N Roll never tries to be cool. I love that "So Alive" is the best U2 song that U2 never wrote (in fact it's mostly better than most songs U2 actually did write). I love that Rock 'N Roll is all over the place.

Because, that's rock 'n roll.

I'm pretty sure Ryan Adams himself even dismisses this record. Well that's dumb. And wrong. Adams is, for the most part, a hack. A good songwriter, but still a hack and he's at his best when he's being hacky...when he's relying on influences to shape his sound, and Rock 'N Roll is Ryan at his hackiest and best. Listen to "Luminol", "Burning Photographs" and "This is It" people. Those songs are as good as it gets.


  1. P. Drisc -
    I love lists of this nature and plan to do one myself this year. I always enjoyed talking music with you, as we share reasonably similar tastes. Right here, for example - you have already gotten into my pants with this choice. This album would rank even higher for me and is easily my favorite Adams disc -- and I own 'em all. I wish he returned to this style more often - "Halloweenhead" is about as close as he's come lately. I would single out another couple tracks to join your (agreed upon) highlights - "The Drugs Not Working," "Wish You Were Here," and especially "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home," which hits me like a train every time, especially when drunk. I'll be following your list, keep it coming. Hope you're well.
    P. Walsh

  2. I love pretty much everything Ryan Adams has done (some more than others but still) and rock n roll ranks really high on my list of his albums. Nothing beats playing it loud while running around doing errands. It distracts my heart and soul from whatever boring thing I have to do and makes me glad to be alive.

  3. P. Dub!
    Love that you love this record. Makes me happy. "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home" was a glaring omission, for certain. Great, great song. Hope all is well, let me know when you start your list as there's nothing more enjoyable than lists my friend.